About Pozay
After a lifetime of travelling to all corners of the world, and tiring of the converging similarity of canned experiences offered by an increasingly uncreative global travel and tourism industry, we asked ourselves a simple question, “What is it we most enjoy when we travel?” The answer was simple yet complicated. What we most enjoyed was meeting local people, spending time with them, ideally on their own turf, discovering what made them tick; their likes, their dislikes, their beliefs, their outlook on life, their day to day cuisine. Those moments when we were lucky enough to be invited in to a local family’s home to spend the evening hanging out, chatting, eating and drinking are among our most memorable, interesting and educative experiences. Yet, these experiences were far and few between, and generally a rare result of chance.

Founded in 2014 and based in Cape Town, South Africa, Pozay was created to enable these experiences. Visitors (or locals for that matter) are able to book an interesting evening of fun, food, laughter and conversation with local families of varying cultures.
To ensure quality, we screen all host families and work with hosts to ensure guests’ expectations are understood.

We vet all our hosts

We check out all our hosts so you dont have to worry, please see our FAQ's for more info

We'll hook you up!

Remember that if you don't see a dinner listed on the date you want, just call us on +27 21832 0966 or email us on pozay@pozay.com


“Brilliant idea! Wish this was available in every city. It’s a fantastic way to explore the culture of a place” Marv, UK

“This was amazing. Beats another dinner in another anonymous restaurant (that could be anywhere in the world). Was the highlight of my trip!” Gloria, UK